Thursday, May 27, 2010


Finally, after days of trip to Johor and Singapore, I indeed feel that it is enjoyable and my pleasure to be able to join my groups of friends in this precious trip. however, though, the process is quite tiring, from driving to Johor from KL to rush back from Singapore to Malaysia.

In this trip, I went to Universal Studio in Singapore and there is a lot of things happening, compromise of funny, interesting and of course emo events as well. Anyway, this event is worth as there are many thing to be done in here, especially to photo taking lover.

In this few days, almost all of the time, I engaged in some troublesome face as I am trouble with a few things in my mind. Serious enough to made me forget every happiness moment in this trip.
However, I also believe that these thing that made me lost all my mood will not disappear in near moment and it might getting worse. Mainly, this is just my prediction. Even now, the last day here, I just feel disturbed as well. Not really know how to settle it.

So, in these few days, trip-mates, sorry if I offended you all with my troublesome face as I cannot help it. hope you all understand as I usually engaged in happy face and it is rare for me to lost control on my emotion. I tried but I really failed.

Lastly, Salute to Kian Siong, Giraffe, Sin Yee, Jia Yung Yi Hern, Jing Yi, Chee Yang, Teoh and Wei Seng for this trip. ~ ~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Semester Two : Industrial Relation and Strategic Management

Finally I entered Semester 2 of my final year,
At first I thought of resting but it seems
I am wrong.


Frankly speaking,
Everything seems to come in continuous waves,
Haiy, damn tiring.
Nothing much to do but to bear it.

Speaking of this semester,
I am taking Industrial Relation and Strategic Management
For me,
SM seems to be easier compared to IR...
No matter in term of assignment or writing answer.
I went to second lecture of IR,
I feel that this subject is challenging and
at the same time INTERESTING.
But maybe just in my opinion LOL

For this semester,
I plan to try to have a healthy lifestyle.
NO gaming , MORE sport ...

seems odd,haha

This semester also have an unexpected thing happen,
Someone is asking me to teach Ping-pong,
I rarely teach people but no choice lorr..
This people de influence too high liao..haha
I still remember the first time I invite to play,
she mentioned that she wont play,
now.. learning..haha..nvm,
cause i also like teaching her ler..haha...

Now gonna stop,
time to check theses de thing jor..
Bye ~ ~ ~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tough Paper and Final...

Haiy.. Time passing by fast,
and it's now time for the final for my year three sem 1,
Damm spoiling my mood,

(ps : I just recover from sickness)

No choice but i took the first paper today,


Frankly speaking,
The question is quite confusing and I spent a lot of time
just to UNDERSTAND the true meaning of the answers.

It made me damm nervous as time is flicking by and
I only left 1 hour for 2 essay question after it.

HUH..What can I do? Speeding up lo.
Kinda feel my hand are strong,
non stop writing for 1 hour, HAHA
Never thought I could do so LOL
In the end, I still manage done all at 11.25am ! ! !

But the nightmares starts now...
The next subject is FSA, calculation...
Woahhhhh... how can I survive...
Already Duno do and low coursework.. Zzz
Really Hope God will answer my prayer and help me. T T

I always ask..
Why my calculation damm noob?
If ok a bit den nice ler..but.. suan le, back to reality bah..haha
Everything seems like karma
(Skip class, lazy do tutorial and lepak-ing) LOL

Now my feeling damm complicated..
Not really know how..
Anyway, life goes on,
Just push ba.. ^ ^

p.s : Somebody saves me ! ! !

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Semester . . . New Start

Been weeks since my last post,
Actually, really been lazy of posting,
I dont't know what to write bout as well. . . Haha
Anyway, still been force to post today,

Before that,
Wanna wish Happy Birthday to Chee Yang,
(Today is His Birthday 6th of June)

This semester, I am entering Year 3 Semester 1,
So far, everything seems to be okay,
For me, kinda, feel I am not so stressed as I am before,
Anyway, Just try my best and do my best this semester,
This semester I seems to be a lot happier,
Not really know why but seems my last semester result,
Has let me aware of something,
Something that I forget for a long time.

Besides, though Fish Birthday has passed a long time,
I still cannot forget of the laptop skin I bought,
Wahaha, the more I think, the more Happy I am..Wuahahaha,
Anyway, see she happy to have that,
I also feel the same way.

So, that all ler Gua,
Dunno what to post le,
Have to try my best again this semester . . .
Gambateh bar . . . ~ ~

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What is My Resolution... ?

Been thinking, thinking and thinking,
What I could have done to make you happier..
This is the thing I would never do to anyone except for one(my fish of course),
It seems my effort haven been enough,
Merely thinking is not enough,
I have to do something to cheer her up,
The one who I treasure the most..

Recently I kinda feel that i dropping into EMO state,
I really not EMO-ing,
I am just in a state of Dont know what to do,
Looks sad Looks moody
But I am just thinking.

Am I really that stupid?
Am I really THAT stupid..??!!!
Why a simple thing I also cannot solve.
Haiy,No choice.
Maybe I am indeed that stupid T T
Hope can think of a solution.
I must think of a way.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Anticipating disappointment?

Today was supposed to be a nice day,
I have been anticipating today for days,
But why,
I just feeling unhappy,
Not to say pure unhappy,
Or more precisely to be said disappointed,
I dont really know why but,
It just that way.

Been rounding my mind for hours,
No matter walking, sitting or sleeping,
Dunno what to do and not really know what will help,
Should I confront or should I let it through?
A hard choice huh..
Anyway, Just let it be natural.

This semester, I dont like it,
Feel like i lost lots of thing,
Lost for nothing worth,
Too much negativity this semester,
Made me feel kinda bored.

Seems lonely and neglected,
Though not really is but,
Feeling is complicated,
I myself also dont know how to describe it.

7 am ler,
Not in mood of sleeping though,
What to do hah..
Just over time lo..
Nth else to do..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Good Starting . . .

Holiday started roughly 1 week liao,
Kinda boring,
seems like nothing else to do,
Just sitting playing and rolling only :P ,

Anyway, this holiday started my keep fit programme,
LOL, Though name looks nice but just is some reducing meal
and some exercises only,
Not only for keep fit, I also treated it as be healthy,
Seems like Sg. Long lifestyle is affecting my health,
Everyday yumcha, not seems to be a good thing, HAHA

Today is DAY 3 of my schedule,
Everything seems nice,
But cause long time not exercise,
Muscle seems to be straining and a little hurting,
That's the consequences of my relaxing lifestyle in Sg Long, LOL
Now exercise back,
Seems a bit ashamed,LOL
If compared to myself few years ago,
The amount of work out I did now,
Is just HALF,
Looks like, I really old le..
But Luckily, Still managed to cope with it,

Not really sure how many day is left for holiday,
I just treated it as 21 days,
Sort of the day for my planning..