Thursday, May 27, 2010


Finally, after days of trip to Johor and Singapore, I indeed feel that it is enjoyable and my pleasure to be able to join my groups of friends in this precious trip. however, though, the process is quite tiring, from driving to Johor from KL to rush back from Singapore to Malaysia.

In this trip, I went to Universal Studio in Singapore and there is a lot of things happening, compromise of funny, interesting and of course emo events as well. Anyway, this event is worth as there are many thing to be done in here, especially to photo taking lover.

In this few days, almost all of the time, I engaged in some troublesome face as I am trouble with a few things in my mind. Serious enough to made me forget every happiness moment in this trip.
However, I also believe that these thing that made me lost all my mood will not disappear in near moment and it might getting worse. Mainly, this is just my prediction. Even now, the last day here, I just feel disturbed as well. Not really know how to settle it.

So, in these few days, trip-mates, sorry if I offended you all with my troublesome face as I cannot help it. hope you all understand as I usually engaged in happy face and it is rare for me to lost control on my emotion. I tried but I really failed.

Lastly, Salute to Kian Siong, Giraffe, Sin Yee, Jia Yung Yi Hern, Jing Yi, Chee Yang, Teoh and Wei Seng for this trip. ~ ~

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